State Inspection

Is it time for your state inspection? A lot of people don't think about when their inspection is due because it is something you only have to take care of once a year. So take a moment and check your sticker.

The best way to prepare for a vehicle inspection would be to visit the DPS vehicle inspection website at and in the selection box, select the item of inspection you are wondering about. It will tell you the reason as to why the item will pass or fail inspection. If you do this and there are corrections to be made, you can make those corrections before the inspection making your inspection quicker and worry free. 

The most common items that fail a vehicle but not limited to, are, wipers, Tires-wear indicators contacting the ground or wearing on edge the to the point that cord is showing, license plate light(s) burned out, blacked out or painted tail lights and last but not least, the parking/emergency brake. Most people do not know how to properly test thier parking brake. In order to test it according to DPS is to apply the parking brake place the vehicle in Drive and accelerate to approximately 1000 RPM.  The vehicle should not move. For vehicles with a manual transmission, a properly working parking brake should choke the vehicle down to almost stalling it. Diesel trucks are also required to have a muffler.

Inspection stations are not setup like vehicle registrations. We cannot lookup on the computer to see if you have insurance. You must provide us with a physical insurance ID card that is in effect at the time of inspection. The ID card must contain, your name, address, vehicle, VIN #, start and expiration date. If you do not have one, you may contact your insurance company and have them fax us a copy.
We inspect all types of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, scooters, trailers and RV's. RV's are limited to 24,000lbs, anything over that must be truck inspection station.  Inspections CAN be done in the rain, despite some stations declining to do them. If your vehicle does not pass inspection, PLEASE do not ask our inspectors to go ahead and put a sticker on your vehicle anyway. There are very, very stiff penalties for doing something like that.
If you have an questions, comments or concerns you may contact DPS vehicle inspections at 512-424-7010.
DPS sets the price for vehicle inspections. The cost for an inspection is $7.00. For an out-of-state vehicle, the cost is one dollar more. Out-Of-State cars are provided with a VI-30 sheet which allows the vehicle to be registered at any DPS office.


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