Transmission Maintenance

 Transmission fluids are oil-based fluids with chemical additive packages. Pressure changes in the transmission fluid cause the vehicle to shift gears. Over time and use, transmission fluid becomes contaminated and the additives are used up. This can cause inefficiency, rough or slow shifting and ultimately reduce the life of the transmission.

Wingman technicians remove the transmission fluid from the transmission (either by draining or evacuating the fluid) and install new fluid that meets or exceeds manufacturer's specificaions.

Your transmission fluid should be serviced regularly in or to:

  • Replenish critical additives

  • Remove damaging contaminants

  • Improve shifting and smoothness

  • Significantly extend the life of your transmission

Wingman Recommended Service Interval 15-30k miles. This mileage interval is based on extensive research showing that preventetive mainenance will dramatically increase the life and usability of your vehicle. It will also cut down on expensive repairs down the road.
$74.99 for most vehicles Automatic or Standard

* Wingman is also able to service CVT Transmissions ($94.99)




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