Fuel Filter

The Fuel Filter is crucial to the operation of the vehicle. It removes particles from the fuel which could clog the fuel injectors. When a fuel filter becomes dirty, fuel no longer flows freely, reducing power and mileage. If left unchanged, a clogged filter can even prevent the engine from running. Some filters do have a "bypass system" if the filter becomes saturated. This ensures the engine continues receiving fuel, but it does allow contaminants into the injectors, possibly causing further damage.

Wingman technicians remove the old fuel filter and install a new filter

Your Fuel Filter should be changed regularly to

  • Ensure consistent acceleration and performance
  • Increase engine efficiency and mileage
  • Prevent injector clogging and engine failure

Wingman recommends replacing your fuel filter every 30,000 miles for gasoline engines and every 15,000 for diesels

$29.99 for most vehicles and an additional $5.00 for a fuel injector cleaner when added to a fuel filter service


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