Air Filter

The engine air filter cleans air that the engine uses to combust fuel. Without proper air flow into the engine, combustion is inefficient and emissions are increased. Without proper filtering, abrasive debris can get into the engine causing wear bearings, piston rings, and cylinders. A dirty air filter can reduce power, performance and gas mileage. It will also shorten the life of the engine.

Cleaning a dirty air filter is not recommended. High pressure air can damage the filter paper and allow larger particles to enter the engine. "Shaking it out" only removes surface debris but most filtering is embedded inside the paper which will still be clogged.

Your air filter should be changed regularly to

  • Increase engine efficiency and gas mileage
  • Reduce harmful emissions and engine damage
  • Extend the life of the engine

Wingman Recommends Replacement Upon Visual Inspection

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