Power Steering

Power steering fluid is constantly active. It creates the high pressures needed to steer your vehicle, it lubricates the pump and valves and it conditions the rubber parts in the system. Over time and use the fluid wears out, decreasing the necessary pressure, limiting lubrication and protection, and becoming contaminated, possibly causing damage.

Wingman technicians remove the old power steering fluid by cycling new fluid through the system. This new fluid meets or exceeds manufacturer's specifications.

Your power steering fluid should be serviced regularly in order to:

  • Minimize the development of leaks
  • Remove damaging contaminants
  • Replace critical additives that have been lost
  • Restore system efficiency
  • Significantly extend the life of the system
Wingman recommends your power steering fluid be changed every 30,000 miles.
This mileage interval is based on extensive research showing that preventetive mainenance will dramatically increase the life and usability of your vehicle. It will also cut down on expensive repairs down the road.

$64.99 for all vehicles

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