Oil System Cleaner


Oil System Cleaner is an oil-based butyl solution which safely removes sludge and varnish deposits from inside the engine. Sludge buildup is known to cause approximately 50% of all engine failures. Oil System Cleaner dissolves buildup, so it will not clog the oil pump or filter. Oil System Cleaner minimizes contamination, reduces pressure on the oil pump and increaes efficiency. It extends the life of the engine and allows a better drain of old oil, enabling your Wingman technician to put clean oil into a clean engine.

Wingman technicians install Oil System Cleaner into the engine. The engine must run for 3-5 minutes and then the oil is drained, removing the dissolved sludge and varnish with the old oil.

Your oil system should be cleaned regularly to

  • Keep the engine free of sludge and varnish

  • Reduce pressure and increase efficiency

  • Extend the life of the engine

Oil System Cleaner does not contain kerosene or alcohol
Wingman recommends this service every 9,000 miles
$10.99 for regular cars $21.98 for diesel trucks
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